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New Guest Experience


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The experience starts when you complete the New Guest Application form. This allows me to get to know you and your hair. I will email you and let you know if I am a good fit for your hair goals. I will send you openings on my schedule or will refer you to someone better suited for your needs.

Quick Overview


Fill out my "New Guest Application" form


I will contact you to book the first appointment


We will begin our new hair journey together


Once booked, you can expect a confirmation text and email from me. Closer to your appointment, you will receive another text reminding you of your upcoming appointment. This is actually from my booking software. So please don't reply to that because I won't see it! Instead email me at if you need to reach me for anything at all!

Once you arrive at House of Alba the Salon for your appointment, you'll notice the set up is different than your typical salon. Each stylist has their own private suite! When you arrive, head to the Ipad to check in so it lets me know that you are here. Once your appointment begins we will spend 5-10 minutes discussing your hair goals.

A color formula will be custom blended for you based on your skin tone and maintenance desires. To make your processing time more comfortable, I offer coffee, soft drinks or water. I also have a Iphone charging cord if you need it!

I will also create a perfect haircut for your face shape and lifestyle. Styling tips and tricks are always available if you want to learn how to recreate your style in the salon. 

I'll wrap up our visit with recommendations for at-home care and set you up for your next appointment. If time allows, I will be taking a few pictures as well! 

Capture the Beauty

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