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Color and Cuts

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Here is are some simple explanations of services offered. 

Online Booking will have multiple options to choose from. You can choose just color, just cut, or there are options to choose your favorite technique and add a cut. 


root retouch 

Hair color root retouches are a girl’s best friend. That dreaded regrowth that you see in between salon visits? Retouches work that mess out.

Permanent color is used to cover up to 1" grow out and cover those pesky "sparkles".



If you really want your hair to be a work of art, balayage is your best bet. This method of highlighting hair has been around for literal decades (since the 70’s), but it’s just recently become incredibly popular, thanks to a bevy of celebrities who have been seen sporting the look.

Balayage, also known as “pintura,” is essentially freehand hair painting. Because each section is highlighted by hand, it ends up looking as natural as the sun-kissed highlights you took for granted as a kid.



I offer 4 different types of extensions; Hand-tied, Tape-ins, I-Tip, and K-Tip Fusion. Each type of extension serves a different purpose and are all customizable. 

Consults are required to insure we are both on the same page and are taking the best care of your hair. 


All over color

Also commonly called “single-process hair color,” all-over color is a one-step process that involves coating the hair with a single shade. Used to typically darken, but can do a lighter color on virgin (non colored) hair.



There are (at least) a couple of ways to highlight your hair. The most common way to highlight hair involves applying lightener to the hair and wrapping it in aluminum foil.

When done properly, this style of highlighting can look as natural or unnatural as you want. I offer a full/partial/mini. 

Full- Full head

Partial- Front and through the crown

Mini- Around the face and a few through the top.


Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian hair straightening is a semi-permanent hair smoothing method done by temporarily sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron. Blowouts are customizable. Got frizz? Brazilian Blowout may be for you!

This place is amazing!! Nikki is incredible with not only color, but also hair cuts and waxing. I'm very particular with my hair and you will not be disappointed. She knows what she is doing and listens to what you want. Definitely worth it!!

Stacy O'Hearn

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